Silverback, Pro Breaking Tour and UDEF

In 2013, Cros1 of Freestyle Session and Silverback aligned with one another to form both UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour, which was formally launched in January 2014.

The idea Cros1 and Silverback had for the Pro Breaking Tour was to provide the breaking community with a well-organized series of prize money breaking competitions, which would attract a general audience following online and in-person, appealing to major corporate sponsors, media partners, and broadcasters, bringing an infusion of capital into a community in need of capital.

The objective was to create a mini-industry and job-producing ecosystem around breaking, with the Tour’s prize money events being the initial magnet to attract corporate, media and spectator interest in breaking.

Silverback’s support of breaking events was philanthropic with the majority of the support directed to UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour’s events. The Silverback Open Championships in Philadelphia was a major event on the Tour from 2014-2018 as is Freestyle Session in California, which dates back to 1997 and is typically run in Los Angeles or in San Diego, with regional qualifier events for the Freestyle Session World Finals hosted throughout the world.

UDEF is a non-profit entity and a 501(c)3 public charity with a board comprised of breakers,  event organizers, and others. The Pro Breaking Tour is wholly-owned by UDEF through a taxable subsidiary.